Man Meadow – “Kill The Dancefloor”


Iconic Swedish gay porn stars dance duo Niklas & Fredrik aka Man Meadow have released a brand new truly inspirational EDM/pop single entitled “Kill The Dancefloor.” I have always adored this cheesy duo. Their sexy photography, (IT’S ART OKAY), and corny dance songs breathe life into me.


Being the true talented artistes that they are, (the caption on their Facebook page for the extremely artistic photo posted above was literally “beach boy Fredrik! …and Niklas, a couch potato!” all before posting one clothed photo with the tagline “We will have clothes on as well!“), obviously “Kill The Dancefloor” slays lives. It has a catchy chorus and fun beat. The lyrics are totally throw away, meaning I fully believe they are more touching than anything Adele could ever come up with. Slay kings!

The music video is also brilliant. It features the guys basically looking like gay porn stars true musical talented icons by having them show off their bodies for 3 solid minutes just as anyone who has musical talent would. Witness all the musical talent in those abs and bulges!

Grade: 8/10


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