Melodifestivalen 2016: Deltävling 1, Gothenburg


1. Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna” (Score: 8/10)

Samir & Viktor only cater to a niche audience. Their fun loving college frat party brand of pop is really off putting to anyone who is honestly a stick in the mud. Who would want to be BFF’s with a grump who didn’t smile while listening to this? It’s fun, catchy and cute. Aside from that, it has a really good big room electronic house bass drop, unexpected considering this is a Fredrik Kempe production. Good on him though.

2. Pernilla Andersson – “Himmel för två” (Score: 1/10)

Everything about this is forgettable. I appreciate she wanted to release a song about her kid, but honestly this 3:00 long song feels 300 years long.

3. Mimi Werner – “Ain’t No Good” (Score: 9/10)

Before this week I had no idea who this woman was nor did I care. Her song was said to be a country song written in Nashville, and that isn’t exactly a recipe for an iconic Melfest moment. The song however is really catchy and modern. It is more Avicii doing folk than your typical country song. It’s really catchy, very well preformed and very commercial. She honestly deserved to advance over a few of the other acts that went through.

4. Albin Johnsén & Mattias Andréasson – “Rik” (Score: 6/10)

I really expected to not like this at all, as I don’t particularly care for Albin’s style of music. Nearly every song he has released has sounded exactly the same, and none have been my cup of tea. His big smash hit “Din Soldat” wasn’t really my thing, and every song he’s released since has been a blander version of that song. The entry he penned last year with Måns Zelmerlöw, Behrang Miri & Victor Crone’s “Det Rår Vi Inte För,” was duller than dishwater and totally forgettable. “Rik” is surprisingly way better than any of his previous songs. While it’s not perfect, it’s still energetic and enjoyable. The live performance is pretty darn cute too.

5. Anna Book – “Himmel för två”(Score: 4/10)

This was disqualified from the competition, but it won’t be disqualified from my judgement! This type of dated schlager is an older Melfest fan favorite, and rightfully so, it’s a throwback to their era and probably makes them feel nostalgic. The song itself is pretty generic 1985 schlager. Its upbeat and fun, but it’s not a competitive song. She would have likely come 6th or 7th in this heat if she hadn’t have been spared. That said, I don’t really hate this. It’s not something I would download, but as a throwback designed to excite a certain niche, its fine.

6. Robin Bengtsson – “Constellation Price” (Score: 5/10)

As a long time fan of Robin Bengtsson, or B. Robin as he used to be called, I was really looking forward to this. His EP “Under My Skin” was extremely strong, with standout track after standout track. He had a grit to his music, without losing any of its glossy radio friendly appeal. His Melfest debut song, titled “Constellation Prize,” is nothing like his previous work.
While it’s very solid pop, it lacks the edge and fun factor his previous work had. The gimmicky lyrics aren’t clever or creative – it’s a ‘constellation’ because she’s like a star! – and the overall production feels like a really bland remake of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous. The harmonica bits are cute, but the production really relies on those bits to add a bit a spice to this vanilla latte. I would feel hypocritical if I criticized an artist like Molly Sandén for being bland and safe but I looked over how safe this is. The entry Andreas Weise sent last year, the energetic “Bring Out The Fire,” would have been more suited for Robin than this middle-of-the-road Disney Channel pop.

Staging-wise, the performance is really boring. He just stands there while a couple of star-like lights blink in the background. No spectacle, no showmanship. In a sense I understand why he entered this particular song, as it’s the safe type of song the general public will eat up, but it’s such a big step down from his previous work that I can’t help but feel a little empty listening to it.

7. Ace Wilder – “Don’t Worry” (Score: 10/10)
The girl who should have won back in 2014 is back to finally take her crown. She probably won’t win, as Molly is the favorite, but she is not going down without a fight. “Don’t Worry” is truly iconic. Yet another completely unique banger, Ace has proven yet again that she is not going to pander to the typical Melfest/Eurovision fan who wants a copy & paste of a something they’ve heard 100x before.
Lyrically the song is very Ace. She sings about not stressing out over small stuff. It’s relatable in the way only she can pull off. The song production is also really full. House pianos from the 90s mixed with funky brass and a surprisingly soulful vocal delivery, the song is a big mashup of genres.

The staging is even more life changing. This is 12 points from the jury level staging. This is “Heroes” level staging. While the song may not be as palatable to the generic radio hit loving ESC fan, the overall visual presentation is clearly the best from this entire semi final. How is Molly going to top this stage performance?


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