Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016


1. Anja Nissen – “Never Alone”

This song sounds like the big winner here. It’s the catchiest song of the bunch by far, with not one, but two hooks in the chorus. Denmark would be stupid not to send this song.

2. Bracelet – “Breakaway”

A very generic, but fairly catchy pop/rock song. Nothing special, but enjoyable nonetheless. If Denmark sent this to Eurovision they would probably qualify for the final but I would see them struggle to do better than top 20 overall.

3. David Jay – “Rays of Sunlight”

This song is basically a Danish attempt at doing Bruno Mars song. Denmark did okay with their last Bruno copycat “Cliche Love Song,” but that song was a lot catchier than this one is.

4. Jessica – “Break it Good”

This song has a cool island-y vibe to it. It sort of has an Ace Of Base vibe to it. Very cool, but not a winner.

5. Kristel Lisberg – “Who Needs a Heart”

This is a very generic ballad. It’s not particularly memorable, but it’s pleasant. It doesn’t quite soar as high as it should.

6. Lighthouse X – “Soldiers of Love”

I quite like this song, though I will admit it is really out of date. It sounds like something Westlife might have released back in 2002. That is a compliment coming from me.

7. Muri & Mario – “To stjerner”

The only song in the bunch that has an interesting production, this track doesn’t sound like something that would work at Eurovision. It’s an indie electro track with trap influence not too different than what we’ve been hearing from DJ’s like Diplo lately. Interesting, but wrong for this contest.

8. Simone – “Heart Shaped Hole”

Very average mid tempo ballad. Not awful, but very pedestrian.

9. Sophia Nohr – “Blue Horizon”

No, just no. My least favorite song of the bunch.

10. Veronicas Illusion – “The Wrong Kind”

Some cheap sounding EDM from 2008. Sign me up! I can’t turn down a fun gym bop.


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