Eurovision 2016: Donny Montell’s “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” For Lithuania


Donny Montell represented Lithuania at Eurovision back in 2012 with the well staged disco number “Love Is Blind.” The song was pretty good, though definitely not a winner. It gave Lithuania a very respectable placing though, so it’s a great idea to send him again.

He is back (and buffer than ever) with a new song called “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” and it is a monster of a pop song. Ditching out-of-date disco synths in favor of deep pounding percussion, “I’ve Been Waiting” feels very powerful and modern. There is a crescendo towards the end of the song that is tailor-made for Eurovision, adding a massive punch to it and would play our perfectly in a big arena.

Donny has gone all out with this song, not only releasing a very good music video for the track, but also a lyric video that rivals most popstars official music videos.

The only thing that could use some work is the live performance. The vocals are pretty good, as Donny is a capable vocalist, but the overall staging is pretty bland. Last time Donny took the Eurovision stage, he did a blindfolded backflip before breaking out into retro Saturday Night Fever style choreography. He needs to amp this performance up a bit to match the song.

This song is already on repeat for me, and it’s modern enough to do very well at Eurovision, so hopefully the Lithuanian public doesn’t screw this up. You just never know how these things will play out.


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