Egor KReeD’s (Егор Крид) “Будильник” is a Pop Masterpiece


Russia tends to churn out young good looking pop stars like a well oiled machine, so it was just a matter of time before I discovered a new Russian heartthrob to jam to. This time around the artist’s name is Egor KReeD. He burst onto the Russian pop scene about a year ago with the excellent “Самая самая” (The Most). He followed up with an extremely good album called “Холостяк” (Bachelor) which would have made the top 5 of my year end list if I had not given it a first listen too late in the year.

He is back with a new single titled “Будильник” (Alarm Clock) and it is somehow even better than his previous stuff. With a super catchy chorus and cute dance pop production, this one really is an ear worm.

The video is top notch, as you would expect as it’s made by Russian video after all. Unlike the rest of Europe, the East – particularly Russia – tend to excel at making very expensive looking videos. All of Egor’s videos have had a lavish look to them, whether they build a set by hand or just light up a cafe they scouted.

The video plot follows Egor has he is stuck is what appears to be a Groundhog Day-esque time warp where he is stuck hooking up with a new girl in a cafe every single day. He catches on and ends the time warp. It’s a great way for him to come across as both super sexy and as a cute goofster at the same time.

Egor isn’t the best dancer by any means, and he plays upon that with a very cute and very catchy thumbs-up dance routine. It’s easy to mimic and it suits his bubbly personality. I am really interested in following his career from here on out.


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