Flopstar Blog’s Top 10 Albums of 2015!


10. Hilary Duff – Breathe In. Breathe Out.
While not the masterpiece of an album previous releases like “Dignity” and “Metamorphosis” were, this album is still pretty solid thanks mostly to the heavy Swedish production. “Sparks” not becoming a hit will haunt me for the rest of my life.

macarena-cd_mario-bischinimages247280689. Mario Bischin – Macarena
Technically not released in 2015, I didn’t discover the album until half way through the year but it dominated my year musically. I would have placed it higher if it was a 2015 release. The album does not have a single bad song on it. I can listen to this album from start to finish without getting bored of anything.

eurovision-song-contest-vienna-2015-cd-cover8. Eurovision 2015
Not the best Eurovision year, this compilation still had some good moments. Hoping Eurovision 2016 will be a lot stronger of a year overall though. Highlights are the Swedish winning entry “Heroes” and Israeli entry “Golden Boy.”

cover-art-of-conchita-wursts-debut-album-conchita7. Conchita Wurst – Conchita
Very solid debut from the 2014 Eurovision winner. This album boats some expertly produced pop. Awesome vocals don’t hurt the experience. From heart breaking ballads to EDM made for the club to arena still power pop, this album really has it all. It was nice to see Conchita show some versatility on the album as well.

perfectly_damaged6. Måns Zelmerlöw – Perfectly Damaged
Another solid album by a current Eurovision winner, but who would have assumed it wouldn’t be? It’s Swedish produced pop. Nothing gets more reliable than that. Soaring anthems are plentiful on this album that merges his old dance pop style with his more modern stripped back style.

melodifestivalen_2015_2cd-31775495-frntl5. Melodifestivalen 2015
This year was pretty strong in my opinion. There were a lot of songs I really enjoyed and played pretty often. The amazing outcome didn’t hurt the experience either. The highlights include winning single “Heroes,” as well as the camp-tastic “Groupie” and club ready “Make Me (La La La).”

tumblr_nqb3bg3qeo1tu668fo1_5004. AOA – Heart Attack EP
Not a full album, but there are no bad songs on this release. It’s really solid and despite having less than half the amount of songs everything else on this list has, it’s actually my most played non-compilation album of the year.

namie-geniccddvd3. Namie Amuro – _genic.
Namie is the most reliable artist in the world when it comes to delivering really solid pop music. This album is NOT as good as “Alive,” but it is still pretty damn good. Highlights include the blazing EDM anthem”Stranger” and the sassy “Fashionista.”

14286673849572. Antti Tuisku — Peto on irti
Definitely the most experimental mainstream dance pop album of the year, the production of this album is top notch, merging multiple genres into each song effortlessly. Not the type of music every listener will enjoy, but for those who do it is a masterpiece.

red-velvet_1441832109_af_org1. Red Velvet – The Red
Easily the best K-pop album released in 2015, this album Is solid from start to end. Comparing it to other albums released by SM artists this year, it sticks out like a sore thumb being the only one with absolutely no filler on it.


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