Flopstar Blog’s Most Anticipated Acts of Melodifestivalen 2016!!


So it’s almost that time of the year again where I bother everyone with constant updates about the Eurovision Song Contest and all of it’s selection shows. Yes, it’s not exactly the time for that yet as things really don’t get kicked off until after New Years, but a big bit of news has come out this week and needed addressing.

The only really relevant pre-selection show in all of Europe is Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, which is also coincidentally my favorite. SVT, the company who runs Melfest, have announced all the artists who are competing next year along with  the titles of their song and their song writers. Here are some of the acts I am most excited for this year.

Ace Wilder – “Don’t Worry”

I can already tell this is going to be a monster of a bop. The subject matter will probably be similar to all her other songs, which is great because she is a breath of fresh air in a contest that will be full of love songs. I expect this to make my year end list next year.

Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna”

This song is apparently about skinny dipping. S&V had 2 songs on my year end list for 2015, so I expect this to also follow suit and slay me to death.

Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Price”

This song title is a mess, but maybe it’ll make sense when the song is released. I liked his EP from last year quite a bit, so I have high hopes for this song.

David Lindgren – “We Are Your Tomorrow”

I love David so much. Both of his albums were amazing. This is supposedly nothing like those albums though. I am a bit concerned it will be awful, but I have faith in my boy. Also, it’s last in semi final 2, which is a pretty good spot. SVT obviously liked the entry.

Oscar Zia – “Human”

I didn’t care for “Yes We Can” much, but “Ballare Con Me” is still the bop of the life time and this song has the same team behind it as that song did. I am ready to be snatched.

Lisa Ajax – “My Heart Wants Me Dead”

That title? Girl I am already slayed. Her single from last year “Blue Eyed Girl” was also pretty solid. I am expecting good things here.

Dolly Style – “Rollercoaster”

Good song writers for this one. The song will surely be a cute euro-dance song that won’t revolutionize the industry, but it will be catchy.

Molly Sandén – “YOUniverse”

This song is the big favorite to win, and based solely off that hype I am interested in this. Otherwise I don’t care too much. Danny Saucedo wrote this, but his recent work has been trash so I am not expecting much here. Will be interesting to see what she brings to the table. The title is a mess already though.


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