Flopstar Blog’s Best Songs of 2015! (Part 3, 10-1)

10. Jimin – “Puss”
Many tried in 2015: HyunA, CL, Hyorin, Hara, but nobody could come close to getting a number 1  Gaon charting 900,000 selling solo smash like AOA chanteuse Jimin with the Shakespearian “Puss.” With lyrics Nicki could only wish she could write, “Puss” remains the best rap song since the genre was created by Miley Cyrus in 2013.

9. Satin Circus – “Crossroads”
I am still LIVID this song did not win Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu and get sent to Eurovision for Finland. Well, Finland paid for it by not even qualifying for the final, but anyway. This song is so catchy, once I get the chorus stuck in my head, I can’t unstick it. Their live stage could use major work, but otherwise this is a major pop moment in 2015.

8. EXID – “Ah Yeah”
From the sleazy sax sample, to the intro that has some guy basically asking the listener if their apartment is empty for a good long f**k session, this song is everything I could want out of an EXID song. The video is sort of about your inner animal coming out while also sort of being about internet webcam porn, or maybe it’s commenting on censorship? I can’t really tell. Doesn’t really matter, it’s still a bop.

7. Jolin Tsai & Namie Amuro – “I’m Not Yours”
The song that invented feminism. This is the most important collaboration since our founding fathers got together in one room to sign the US Constitution. This video also has the best music video of the year.

6. Samir & Viktor – “Groupie”
I was sort of pissed that 1) this song was less clubby than their previous single “Success”, and 2) it was not in fact about groupies trying to have sex with their favorite musicians, but I got over both complaints when the song ended up being catchy as hell and in a language I don’t understand. The song is an ode to taking selfies with your friends – get it, it’s not a ‘selfie’ it’s a ‘groupie’? Granted, based off the live performance, a first time listener of this song will surely be shaking their head in disapproval over me adding it to my list, and yeah I agree it’s a total mess, in the words of Miley Cyrus it’s a “calculated hot mess.” The song is a ton of fun and the studio version goes off.

5. Dinah Nah – “Make Me (La La La)”
Truly the biggest club anthem of 2015 for me, this song goes OFF. I wasn’t expecting it either. When I was watching Meldofiestivalen 2015, my poor wig flew off my head when the beat dropped after the chorus. It’s basically SNSD’s “Catch Me If You Can” but better. Love the pink hair as well.

4. Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake”
I wasn’t sold on Red Velvet after their first few releases, but this won me over big time. It oozes cool, with all 5 girls sporting blond hair while dancing around a dusty LA highway. The song is really cool as well, with a production that feels completely unique to anything else out there at the moment. I love where SM is taking Red Velvet.

3. AOA – “Heart Attack”
This is my most played song of the year. The repeat value of this song is intense. I wasn’t expecting Brave Brothers to revert back to his early ‘10’s Europop sound, but I am really glad he did because that was my favorite Brave God’s era. I am also gagging for AOA’s consistent Halloween/cosplay concepts.

2. 4Minute – “Crazy”
“Crazy” is big and modern and really goes hard. This is a song that knocks you out of your seat upon first listen. It goes off in the car, it goes off at the gym, it goes off at the grocery store in the produce department, it goes off when you’re Christmas shopping and the hoe in front of you just took the last Furby.  It would probably even go off at Jesus’ crucifixion with the disciples shaking their dreads. Even Jesus would probably wiggle around as best he could despite being nailed to some wood dripping all over the place. This has become my go-to song for every occasion this year..

1. Måns Zelmerlöw – “Heroes”
This Eurovision winning masterpiece is super catchy and inspirational and I will never forget how I felt watching this win Meldofestivalen and Eurovision after years of being a huge MZW supporter. (Spoiler: I had a full blown meltdown). This really is a modern classic with some of the best staging I have ever seen. It’s nice to see something very modern win the contest for once.



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