Flopstar Blog’s Best Songs of 2015! (Part 2, 20-11)

20. Samir & Viktor – “Saxofuckingfon”
All Samir & Viktor songs sound exactly the same, but why fix something that is working so well? Their biggest hit to date, “Saxofuckingfon” really is the dumb summer bop every one of us needs.

19. Hilary Duff – “My Kind”
This song has a sexy production and I am a sucker for island synths. I really wish this had gotten a proper video.

18. Antti Tuisku – “Peto on Irti”
This is one crazy song. Actually, his entire album was crazy excellent. The production of this song is all over the map: one moment he is rapping, the next there is a banjo and he’s line dancing, then there is a funky Motown-esque horn sample, then it is full blown EDM. It’s not a song that is scared of trying something polarizing, and I really appreciate that. Also sidenote, the live performance of this song at the Finnish Eurovision selection show is I C O N I C. Also second sidenote, why is he so obsessed with shoving bananas into his mouth?

17. Eduard Romanyuta – “I Want Your Love”
The song EVERYONE except me hated. This is what pop is going to sound like in a few years, so I don’t see why y’all mad. Okay, I know why y’all mad: he was a bad singer with awful hair who cheated to win. But the song itself is pretty damn good. Amazingly catchy with an up-and-coming production style, despite what you think of the lad. If Eric Saade had released this song, nobody would be criticizing it. Also, I kind of liked the cheesy police staging?

16. Red Velvet – “Dumb Dumb”
This song should probably be highest on my list but it was a tough year. This is the bonkers mega-star making bop that almost any popstar would kill to have. I mean, that beat is the definition of sick. The cool visuals in the video don’t hurt it either.

15. Girl’s Day – “Ring My Bell”
Not to come off as pretentious, but to me, the hate this song got was due to the general public not understanding it. I know, I hate it when people say that too. But it’s kinda true? “Ring My Bell” has an insane production, with sporadic tempo changes that jolt the listener while cramming in as many genre’s as possible into one song. This really is the “U-Go-Gurl” of 2015.

14. Hello Venus – “Wiggle Wiggle” / “I’m Ill”
Two of the best trash anthems of 2015, both “Wiggle Wiggle” and “I’m Ill” catered to the lowest common denominator listener, so low that they ended up turning people off and flopped. Kind of depressing because both are really amazing songs.

13. Alexandra Stan & Inna – “We Wanna”
Upon first listen I was a little underwhelmed by this song as it was the first collaboration between the two biggest popstars in Romanian history. After initially being meh about it, I quickly got over my sky high expectations and started listening to this on repeat because it is a good song.

12. T-ara – “So Crazy”
What can I say? T-ara have topped my year end chart 3 times -“Sugar Free” probably should have topped it last year, but anyway. This song doesn’t come close to being my favorite song of the year, though it is one of my most played. It’s really fun and catchy and I love Brave Brothers.

11. Girls’ Generation – “Catch Me If You Can”
A lot of people hated this song, but honestly if Jessica hadn’t left the group a few months before the release of this nobody would have hated on it. It’s a monstrous EDM smash. I hear the gay clubs playing it from time to time as well. When will CL?


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