Flopstar Blog’s Best Songs of 2015! (Part 1, 30-21)

30. BESTie – “Excuse Me”
The song Sistar wishes they had, this is one of the rare occasions a lower tier group is able to score A-list level material. I am honestly really surprised this song didn’t go to a bigger group like Sistar or Girl’s Day. The insanely creative production and catchy chorus are only amped up by the amazing LGBT friendly video.

29. Eric Saade – “Sting”
I was a bit harsh towards this when it first came out, but it’s honestly really catchy and the live performance was very lavish. (Of course it wasn’t “Heroes” lavish). Anyhow, this was a proper pop moment in 2015.

28. Midnight Boy – “Don’t Say No”
For a song I expected to hate, I ended up playing this on repeat pretty frequently throughout the year. It didn’t get old after multiple spins. Granted, it does sound a lot like “You Spin Me Around (Like A Record)” by Dead Or Alive, but that song slays so it’s honestly a compliment.

27. Polina Gagarina – “A Million Voices”
As far as hypocritical pageant-y world peace schlager goes, this is pretty on the mark. Well written and gorgeously preformed, it’s kind of hard to hate something so straight forward, even if we did wish for something a bit more innovative and edgy. It’s about as deep as a puddle, but it sure is a stunning puddle.

26. Dolly Style – “Hello Hi”
This trio basically recycled a late 90’s Euro-dance concept and I’m not mad. It has been a really long time since the world had a decent Euro-dance song. Not sure about these girls longevity, as novelty acts rarely have legs, but I got a few good workouts to this at the gym this past year.

25. Lizzy – “I Am Not An Easy Girl”
This iconic trot anthem went mostly overlooked, but it honestly snatched every hair off my head when it dropped. Lizzy served a K-pop throwback for the ages with this female empowerment masterpiece.

24. Christopher – “CPH Girls”
I sort of overlooked this song at first, but it fiercely grew on me later in the year. It’s honestly such a bop.

23. Nine Muses – “Drama” / “Hurt Locker”
After years of Sweettune productions – most of which I liked – I was ready for Nine Muses to come back with a new producer. These songs were both really good. Winter single “Sleepless Night” should have slayed me too as I am a Brave God’s stan, but it was a bit forgettable in terms of iconic BB songs this year.

22. Isac Elloit – “Lipstick”
This song gives me NSYNC-meets-trap. It’s pure pop bliss. I wish the video wasn’t a total train wreck but what can you do.

21. Namie Amuro – “Stranger”
This song is loud and obnoxious, but it really pumps me up. It is full blown music festival EDM. I honestly could listen to this song for hours on repeat. My favorite off her “_genic” album.


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