T-ara Release Long Awaited Comeback “So Crazy”

Top charting icons of Asia T-ara are back with a new dusty left over Brave Brother’s song called “So Crazy,” and it snatched every hair off my head.

The song was actually produced for them last year, but they picked the literally iconic in every way “Sugar Free” over “So Crazy.” I can totally see why too: “Sugar Free” is the type of song that will stay with Queens and K-pop fans forever, while “So Crazy” is a more standard Brave Bros song. That said, it slays like all Brave Gods songs do.

Most people online are saying it sounds too much like AOA’s “Miniskirt,” but it really doesn’t sound anything like “Miniskirt.” It’s closer to the material Brave Brothers produced for 4minute, like “Whatcha Doin’ Today.” It’s quirky while still being extremely catchy, which has become T-ara’s signature style.

The video is also iconic. The horribly photoshopped teaser photo that they released via Instagram (because apparently they don’t give a crap about promoting in Korea anymore) made it seem like the video would be a sloppy video shot for 20 won in their old dorm room, but the video actually features a plot, a killer dance routine, and even those clearance rack sexy sailor Halloween costumes look pretty good.

The girls shows off Meryl Streep-level acting chops which only enhance the Martin Scorsese-esque screen play and dialog. Avatar who? Jurassic World what? I can’t wait for this emotional masterpiece to sweep the Oscars next year. As I am already bald by this epic slayage, I can only imagine how amazing upcoming Chinese debut single “1, 2, 3” will be.


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