Alexandra Stan & Inna Release Long Awaited Collab “We Wanna”

Romania’s two biggest female pop singers Alexandra Stan (of “Mr. Saxobeat” fame) and INNA (her hits include “Sun Is Up” and “More Than Friends“) have finally released their longggggg awaited colab single “We Wanna” featuring Daddy Yankee after literal months of teasing. I guess the song is technically Alex’s as her name comes first in the billing and the video was posted on her VEVO channel. I have been waiting for this on the edge of my seat for months now, as I am a huge stan (no pun intended) of both of these pioneers of Romania’s trashy dance pop scene. On their own they are both iconic, but together? This may be the second most important collab of all time after Jolin and Namie Amuro’s “I’m Not Yours” – sorry “Telephone”!

I would like to get the major negative out of the way really quick before I start praising this: the song is a bit more subtle and nuanced than I hoped it would be. Both Inna and Alexandra are known for uber trashy and super-lit-up party jams, so a swing influenced Latin song that sounds more like the type of song one would listen to while sipping a piña colada in Cabo San Lucas on a breezy Sunday while reading a book rather than a seedy Eastern European club with 3 back rooms and a dungeon. When you add two of the biggest club queens in the world onto one song, you expect something that would smash at the club.

Not that this wouldn’t work in a club; it’s very fun and uptempo, and the video is set in a club during some sort of male vs female dance battle. You can’t really see any of the dance moves because the editing is pretty crappy, but you sort of get the point. Both women look incredible, (especially Alexandra which is further evidence that this is her track).

Alex’s “Unlocked” remains one of the best albums of 2015, and this would be a worthy song on either of these two singers future releases, so overall I am pleased. Enjoy this legendary collab below:


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