Måns Zelmerlöw Releases “Perfectly Damaged” Album

Eurovision king Måns Zelmerlöw has wasted no time in capitalizing off of his mega hit “Heroes.” Just a few short weeks after his epic win at the 2015 contest, he has put out his forth studio album “Perfectly Damaged,” and the album is overall one of his strongest to date.

“Heroes” sneaked up on  Måns pretty late in the album recording process, so I wasn’t really expecting it to fit in with the overall musical style of his album. I basically expected a “Barcelona Sessions” 2.0, and considering how great that album was, I would have been okay with that.

The album however ended up being a lot more uptempo than one would expect. With only 2 ballads on the entire album, (both of which are the weakest songs on the album), there is a pretty fun tone throughout the LP. While the album is not as high energy as “MZW” was, it has a glossy modern dance/pop sound nonetheless that satisfies. “Let It Burn” and “Fade Away” are the closest he comes to full blown EDM, with their Avicii-esque productions. “Unbreakable” is Måns take on Draft Punks funky disco sound, and “Live While We’re Alive” is his take on Mumford and Son’s folk/pop sound.

The album flows pretty well from start to end, and you don’t need to skip any of the tracks along the way. Måns is quickly becoming one of the few pop artists out there who is reliably solid no matter what genre he dabbles into.


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