Ace of Base Tribute Act A*Base is Instantly Iconic

Out of all the 2 boy 2 girl ABBA wannabe acts Sweden has produced over the past half a century who’s name begins with the letter A – ABBA, A*Teens, Ace of Base, Alcazar, and now A*Base – Ace of Base was my least favorite. Not to say I don’t enjoy their music, but unfortunately they were before my time and never really got that Eurovision/Melodifestivalen promotion every year like ABBA did. New Ace of Base tribute act A*Base may piss off purists the way A*Teens pissed off ABBA purists, but in 15 years everyone from this generation will idolize them in the same way I and many others pretend like the A*Teens revolutionized pop.

A*Base is quintessentially the same concept as the A*Teens. They’re a modernized teen pop version of Ace Of Base and to be perfectly honestly, I am already sold. Their hype single released last year, cover of “Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry,” was decent stuff, but first official single “All That She Wants” is amazing.

I was never a huge fan of the original version, mainly because I never could quite grasp the lyrics on a conceptual level – women only engage in one-night-stands to get pregnant and become single mothers? – but I always appreciated the disco infused reggae sound AoB pioneered. This updated version keeps that sound intact, while bringing it into the 21st century by making it a glossy twerk anthem. As someone who missed the boat on AoB, this is the perfect introduction to the groups pretty outstanding discography.


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