Danny Saucedo FINALLY Makes a Musical Comeback with “Brinner i Bröstet”

My poor friends know I have spent a good part of the past decade consistently stanning for Swedish gym bunny and occasional popstar Danny Saucedo. I stanned for his boyband E.M.D. I stanned for his first solo era “Heart Beats” despite him serving Criss Angel realness on the album cover and having his music video for “Tokyo” look like it was shot using first generation Skype technology. I stanned for his Nike ad inspired second solo era “Set Your Body Free.” I supported him through his back-to-back Melodifestivalen 2nd place finishes. I even suffered through that cringe worthy era where he did things like releasing artwork featuring Microsoft 97′ clip art on the cover and deciding he wanted to be Latino for 6 months.
But somewhere between the never ending parade of selfies, the promo tour he went on to support his relationship, and a string of misguided singles, I sort of grew cold of former-Swedish-turned-Latino-turned-back-into-Swedish chanteuse. I would be lying if I said new single “Brinner i Bröstet” was so iconic that it erased all the sins of the past, but it’s definitely a step back I’m the right direction. “Brinner i Bröstet” is a solid ballad, and the accompanying video for the song is pretty well done. It’s nice to finally say that Danny himself is working just as hard as his hair gel and credit card on bodybuilding.com.
Danny starts the video out by serving Pixar’s Ratatouille realness dressed in a white smock with a built-in sheer apron. The look is ridiculous, but Danny has a knack for pulling off try-hard looks – damn those cheekbones – so it comes off as pretty effortless. The hair, like always, is seriously on point in this video, and it’s a nice new take on the classic white frosted spiked look that has become Danny’s signature. We also find Danny doing absolutely zero lipsyncing in the video, causing one to wonder if this footage was simply shot months ago in case he finally had a song to pair it with.
The fairly monochrome video keeps the viewers attention by utilizing a few cool, if slightly unoriginal effects.  We have a few shots that are filmed sideways, which definitely mixes up the otherwise plain video. There a couple of shots where Danny gets full use out of that chef’s apron look when projects of fireworks display on the outfit, similar to the latest Russian Eurovision entry’s staging gimmick. Oh speaking of ripping off someone else’s Eurovision #SWAGG, there are a couple shots during guest rapper Malcolm B’s verse that use a very similar image layering effect to the one Måns Zelmerlöw used for his “Heroes” artwork. The impact.
Since “Brinner i Bröstet” is a surprise success for Danny, I’m hoping creates some sort of momentum for himself by actually releasing a follow up single or album.  If only he spent as much time making albums as he does picking protein powders.

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