Eric Saade Releases “Girl From Sweden”

Swedish popstar and human human linoleum floor tile Eric Saade is back with a corntastic new single “Girl From Sweden” today, and it even has a music video! His Melflop entry and Danny Saucedo diss track “Stink” didn’t do as well as he planned, so he’s back pulling some shady shit by shamelessly releasing a Swedish pride themed song one day before Melodifestivalen king Måns Zelmerlöw represents Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest.

I realize I tend to view Mr. Saade as an easy target and human punching bag, so it may come to a surprise to you that I find this song to be kind of good? It has a fun beat and retains Saade’s signature crappy-but-hilarious lyrics. It would seem whatever album Saade has planned for later this year will be a much stronger release than that unforgivable mess of an album “Forgive Me” he released to crickets back in 2013.

The song also features a pretty decent music video that unfortunately opens with a completely irrelevant and totally ludicrous intro where Saade is escaping an indoor and poorly lit paparazzi ambush. I hate it when I go to my public library during a power outage and paparazzi randomly show up! Anyway, after we get that nonsense out of the way, we find Saade checking out hot Swedish girls, and to his credit, it’s a pretty diverse group of women. For once, being “Swedish” does not entail one to be a platinum blond with alabaster skin. We have a wide range of cultural backgrounds, which shows Sweden as being a diverse place. Nice job Saade!

The absolute highlight of the video is when we see 3 milk maids turning out club ready (to Swedish standards) dance moves in the middle of a grassy field. If there was ever an image that needed to go viral, it was this.

Scandinavian singers singing about how hot Scandinavian girls are seems to be on trend at the moment – Christopher released his Danish anthem “CPH Girls” last year, and kid friendly duo 2Boy’s “Scandinavian Girls” also featured this theme. Saade pulls this cheesy song off nicely enough to not warrant getting read the house down this time. Enjoy the artistry below.


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