Paris Hilton Changes The Game With “High Off My Love”

We all know that Paris Hilton is the modern reincarnation of Euterpe, the Greek muse of music, so the mere thought of new music from the artistic chanteuse is almost too much to handle. Heavenly Hilton has ascended from the high heavens to bless us unworthy PoS with her peace inspiring melodies and gorgeous vocals. Her debut album “Paris” is still one of my all time favorites, and her last two singles were both iconic, so I knew new single “High Off My Love” featuring Birdman would slay.

The song ended up slaying me harder than I could ever imagine though. It’s an electro trap influenced pop song with a killer hook and a surprisingly modern production. This is honestly the song Britney Spears should have released instead of that piece of garbage she released last week with Iggy Aloser. Queen Hilton needs to hangout with Lady Spears to pass on some much needed inspiration.

I really hope Paris’ album finally gets released, because at this rate it’s shaping up to be as good as her first. When will Adele?


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