Hilary Duff Deserves To Be Sued For Disastrous “Sparks” Video

We all know I worship Hilary Duff. The original Disney Channel multi-platinum chanteuse has released some of the best bubble gum records of all time, and her dance pop record “Dignity” is among many pop fans favorites. 7 years after she released that historic record, she is making a pop music comeback with surprisingly good material. Newest single “Sparks” is a fun electropop banger. It seemed like things were finally starting to go well for Hilary and her musical comeback.

Then the video for the song was released and all hell broke loose – emphasis on BROKE, because she’s obviously out of money if she needs to be hawking products like this in her video. This mess of a video is not only an insult to fans who have been waiting for a big pop moment from Hilord, but also an insult to Hilary herself. The video plays out more like an infomercial for dating app Tinder, where Hilary talks about her experiences going out on endorsed dates with made-for-TV actors local L.A. guys. They film the romantic dates, and we find our couples reading scripts expressing from the heart how great Tinder is and how amazingly fun every date has been. Bowling as never seemed so rom-comtastic!

Sis, we don’t need you to be hawking Home Shopping Network products to us in your music video, especially when you can barely tell there is a song playing in the background. The worst part is that they filmed footage that looks like it could’ve been one of Hilary’s best videos. The strong and colorful K-pop inspired visuals are pretty amazing, and I think everybody can agree that there needs to be a Tinder-less cut of the video pronto.


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