Conchita Wurst Released the Best Album of 2015 (So Far)

Eurovision reigning queen Conchita Wurst has finally released her debut album “Conchita.” For a Eurovision act to release an album in general is quite an achievement, but for one to release a great album, well that is practically super human. Of course we already know Loreen was able to do this, but many others weren’t even able to smash in their home country after the contest ended. I am so thankful that 2014 Austrian winner Conchita was able to easily pull out a collection of iconic bops her first time out the gate.

The album is definitely not what I was expecting in terms of sound. I knew it would feature a bunch of catchy tracks, but I expected a bunch of uplifting ballads about being yourself in the face of opposition. Not that this would have been a bad thing, because recent singles like “Heroes” and the incredible “You Are Unstoppable” were total wig snatchers, but the variety on the album ended up being it’s strongest element.

Sure, there are many ballads on the record, and they’re all pretty damn good. “Pure” is absolutely gorgeous, “Other Side Of Me” is emotional, and Eurovision winning power belter “RIse Like a Phoenix” still remains one of the best ballads in recent history, so she really has that area covered musically.

It’s where Conchita steps out of her comfort zone that the album truly gets interesting. The vaudeville inspired rock number “Where Have All The Good Men Gone” is sort of quirky and humorous. Middle Eastern inspired “Out Of Body Experience” is really sultry, and the sexed up “Somebody To Love” is a lot more risqué than one would expect from the typically elegant pop singer.

Things really get amazing though when Conchita experiments with electronic sounds. The full blown EDM inspired “Colours Of Your Love” is by far the standout on the album, with it’s really shocking heavy beat drop and Middle Eastern infused strings. This is definitely not the song one would expect from Conchita a year ago when she was standing on the Eurovision stage dressed like an elegant Princess. “Firestorm” is a 90’s sound track that is very on trend right now, and electro infused “Up For Air” is an instant classic.

Hopefully we get at least 2 or 3 more singles from this album, as it’s full of great pop songs. Conchita really was the perfect winner for Eurovision, and musically it seems like she is one of the few acts to push farther than the typical fading one-hit-wonder the contest typically produces.’


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