Eurovision 2015: Rating All The Songs From Semi-Final 1

1. Moldova: Eduard Romanyuta – “I Want Your Love”

Rating: 700/10

No, that 700 out of 10 wasn’t a typo. This song is iconic from start to end and you haters will deal. Like it or not, this is where pop is going. That early 2000’s boyband sound is coming back boo! From Austin Mahone’s boyband inspired album to Oscar Zia’s NSYNC-esque Melfest 2014 entry, Eduard is ahead of his time! In 2-3 years time this is what all mainstream pop will sound like. Swallow that bitter pill and stay mad over king Eddie!

2. Armenia: Genealogy – “Face The Shadow”

Rating: 1/10

This song is so damn messy. It’s about all the Armenian’s living abroad, but the production is serving local musical theater realness. Less is more Armenia, as in less of this song please.

3. Belgium: Loïc Nottet- “Rhythm Inside”

Rating: 8/10

Upon first listen I actually sort of hated this song. It sounded like a cheap Lorde wannabe, but it eventually got stuck in my head something fierce. I think it’s sort of pretentious, but so is Lorde so it works.

4. Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis- “Walk Along”

Rating: 6/10

Nothing special, but definitely not awful. A little beige, but it’s solid filler. Probably won’t make the final, though.

5. Finland: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät- “Aina mun pitää”

Rating: 0/10

This song is a train wreck. I know the guys are disabled, but c’mon. This song sounds like nothing but noise.

6. Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou – “One Last Breath”

Rating: 6/10

This song is pretty solid, as Greece entries usually are, but it’s nothing special. I guess Greece’s decade long ability to always get into the top 10 is over.

7. Estonia: Elina Born & Stig Rästa- “Goodbye To Yesterday”

Rating: 9/10

Of the songs that are majorly hyped pre-contest, this is one of my favorites. I find it pretty moving, and Elina in particular emotes her sections pretty flawlessly. This song is also really good live.

8. Macedonia: Daniel Kajmakoski- “Autumn Leaves”

Rating: 6/10

This song sounds more Irish than Macedonian, but it’s pretty good. It’s actually kind of gorgeous. Maybe not the most electrifying, but I do enjoy listening to it. The music video is so cute too.

9. Serbia: Bojana Stamenov- “Beauty Never Lies”

Rating: 7/10

This song is corny as hell. The beat is cheaper than dirt too. That said, it’s a really likable song. The EDM section at the end probably cost the producer less than 1 Euro to produce, but it was money well spent. This will become the gay anthem of 2015 among Eurofans.

10. Hungary: Boggie – “Wars For Nothing”

Rating: 1/10

The thing about releasing a statement song at Eurovision is the song needs to still be catchy. This is anything but catchy. It’s boring and will definitely put the audience to sleep.

11. Belarus: Uzari & Maimuna- “Time”

Rating: 9/10

One of my favorites, I really love the drama this song brings to the table. Hopefully it can bring that to the stage and make the final! It’s not doing so hot in the odds, so I am a bit worried this will get overlooked.

12. Russia: Polina Gagarina – “A Million Voices”

Rating: 8/10

This is Eurovision power ballad cheese at its best. Totally undeniable despite the questionable country and ironic lyrics. That said, it’s pretty standard in terms of what we hear ever year at ESC. This can easily go top 10, though.

13. Denmark: Anti-Social Media – “The Way You Are”

Rating: 3/10

I reviewed this during Melodi Grand Prix and my views on the song haven’t changed. It’s crap. Such a waste!

14. Albania: Elhaida Dani – “I’m Alive”

Rating: 3/10

This song is so forgettable. I can’t even remember how it goes even after multiple listens. Pass.

15. Romania: Voltaj – “De La Capat”

Rating: 8/10

This song is so moving. I’m not sure the message of the song will translate to the audience, but this will probably go to the final.

16. Georgia: Nina Sublatti – “Warrior”

Rating: 10/10

This song is so good. People need to wake up and get behind this future Eurovision winner before it’s too late! The drama of this song is just so rich. It also has the best music video of any entry so far – I’m waiting Sweden…..


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