Elsie, Bestie, Hyosung, BoA: Rating This Months K-Pop Comebacks (So Far)

I know the month has only started, but I don’t feel like writing an article for each of these songs as I have been busy with other things, so here they all are in one friendly post! Let’s start out with the biggest (and most disappointing) comeback: BoA.

Queen BoA released new pre-release track “Who Are You” featuring rapper Gaeko and it’s pretty bland. It sounds like really dated J-pop. This song could have easily been a track on her “Outgrow” album from 2006. It makes sense as that was BoA’s prime and she composed the song herself, so she’s probably still stuck in that time period. It’s not awful, but really forgettable. I am sure upcoming title track “Kiss My Lips” will slay though.

Next we have flop group BESTIE with the track “Excuse Me.” These mega flops recently promised a huge gift to their fans if they can get 5th place on a verity show poll. FIFTH PLACE. To be honest they probably won’t get that high, which sucks because this song is the anthem of the decade. It’s a risky pop number for the group as it has a pretty unique flow – two different choruses! – and the video is full of homoerotic imagery. I mean the entire video concept is that these girls suck at picking guys because every hot guy they meet is secretly a fudge packer. Iconic! Now before sensitive homo’s start accusing BESTie of associating gays with perverts, it should be noted that Koreans don’t really acknowledge gay people too often, so this is still pretty progressive.

Then we have Hyosung’s new solo single “Into You.” So basically, this song is just the Spice Girl’s “Say You’ll Be There” beat mixed with Hyomin’s “Nice Body” chorus. Is this even a new song? I feel like it’s more so a mash-up cover. It slays though as one would expect from mixing those two iconic songs together.

Lastly we have Eunjung under the alias Elsie with the Duble Sidekick produced “I’m Good.” Okay, so this is kind of a hot ass mess. The song itself is a rehash of JiYeon’s “1Min 1Sec” with literally the exact same concept and choreography as well. The video was shot on the same brick room set that was used in T-ara’s “Day By Day” video, and the entire alias thing is so half baked. Why are they doing Eunjung like this? Even the featuring on the song is annoying. I am super disappointing with this. After only day of release it’s barely in the top 100 on MelOn so it seems the identity change did nothing for her. Sad!


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