Cultural Appropriators Dolly Style Release “Cherry Gum”

Successful Melodifestivalen debutantes and casual racists Dolly Style have released a new single titled “Cherry Gum” and it’s so freaking good, no lies!

“Cherry Cum (Guzzlers)” is actually really different from their Melodifestivalen entry “Hello Hi.” Okay, it’s not THAT different, but it’s different enough to solidify them as more than just some annoying gimmick that disbanded after 1 single. Where “Hello” was pretty much entirely a Danish bubblegum throwback, “Cherry” comes across like one of those Eurodisco tracks white people would make specifically for the Japanese market way back in the late 90s and early 2000s. This is really serves DDRMAX soundtrack realness – my favorite DDR era I’ll have you know. It even features a stereotypical “Asian” style Oriental riff embedded into the composition so that it gives off that ‘this is what white people think Asian music sounds like’ sound.

The major sexed up lyrics also don’t hurt. These are sex lyrics for toddlers, with subtle innuendos like “you will hear me when I come” and “I taste so sweet.”

I have here for this tackiness. I’m not sure this type of music still has any relevance anymore. I mean, why would current day Sweden care about circa 2000’s Dance Dance Revolution music that was only released on the Japanese version of the soundtrack? This will probably flop, but I know I sure love it. Now if only I had my old DDR game pad…


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