Eurovision 2015: Israel’s Nadav Guedj Saves Eurovision With “Golden Boy”

I haven’t been writing a lot about Eurovision this year so far – aside from Sweden of course – because it’s mostly been trash. So far there has been a plethora of dreary ballads and uninspiring mid-tempos and I don’t have the energy to get around to writing about it all just yet. Perhaps a few will grow on me when I get around to giving them all a few more listens, but all in all I am unimpressed.

This morning when I woke up I noticed there were 3 new Eurovision entries online. The long awaited and [over]hyped Armenian entry – spoiler alert: its GARBAGE! The Russian entry which was underwhelming, and the Israeli entry titled “Golden Boy” by a singer named Nadav Guedj. I was running late for work and almost skipped it after hearing the other two flops, but decided to give it a go anyway, and thank goodness I did because it’s a flawless ESC classic upon first listen.

The song starts out with some pretty soulful acapella vocals from Nadav where he sings about getting dumped. 10 seconds later it turns into a late 90’s/early 2000 R&B influenced pop smash, only to then transform into an ethnocentric europop confection by the time the chorus kicks in. It’s pure unfiltered fun, the type that is severely absent from this years contest. This is pure Eurovision magic. The lyrics find Nadav singing about getting over an ex by dancing it off on the dance floor. He even name drops Tel Aviv at one point. The song is really meta in how carefree it is. At the end of the song he even blurts out that the track is officially over because the Eurovision rules state it has to be 3:00 in length. This is a totally self aware pop jam that has it’s tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek.

If Israel misses the final again this year I will have a total meltdown. There are NO other songs at Eurovision this year that are as uptempo and fun as “Golden Boy,” so it’s pretty unique in that sense. After how awful this years ESC is shaping out to be, this is one of my last great hopes for the contest. VOTE FOR THIS EUROPE!


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