Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat 4 – Örebro

1. Midnight Boy – “Don’t Say No” ~Rating: 7/10~
I was really prepared to hate this because I am not a huge fan of the straight forward 80’s thing. This ended up being a huge surprise though as I got it instantly stuck in my head. Poor guy is in an extremely strong heat, so this was totally over looked, but the song is really catchy and the performance is fierce.

2. Caroline Wennergren – “Black Swan” ~Rating: 5/10~
This chick has a really unique voice, but the song is not very exciting. It comes across like a musical theater rendition of a Motown-y song and her extremely raspy vocals clash with the sound. Her voice is made for a country sound or even rock, but with this soul sound it kind of comes across as too much.

3. JTR – “Building It Up” ~Rating: 6/10~
I gave these boys debut album a go a few months back and it was a very pleasant experience. The entire thing was sweet and catchy, though it did sort of being a monotonous listen after a while. This track is cut from the same chord as it’s sweet and very listenable, but perhaps not anything groundbreaking. I sort of wish they had gone with a more 2015 boyband sound because “Building It Up” sounds like how boybands sounded in 2012, which in pop years was a lifetime ago.

4. Hasse Andersson – “Guld och gröna skogar” ~Rating: 3/10~
This is plain and simply a mess. It’s a country schlager song that sounds pretty awful live. No thanks!

5. Dinah Nah – “Make Me (La La La) ~Rating: 10/10~
This made my gay heart come alive! Before hearing this I wasn’t sure what I wanted from Dinah Nah. On one hand, I wanted her to do a sexy and fierce club jam that I could get my life to. On the other hand I wanted her to release something really Eurodance-y like her Caramell era music. This song is sort of a mixture of both, with it’s thumping EDM baseline and silly Eurotrash lyrics – sample: “like a plane in the sky you make me so high.” I’m pretty much obsessed with every second of this 3:00 song, and that BEAT DROP is EVERYTHING!!

6. Annika Herlitz – “Ett andetag” ~Rating: 7/10~
From the woman who sang the Swedish version of “Let It Go” in Disney’s Frozen we get another Disney style ballad. This song is not groundbreaking in any way, but it’s totally enjoyable. In what has been a very weak year for ballads, this is arguably the catchiest ballad in the contest this year. It’s really generic, but I still kind of dig it.

7. Måns Zelmerlöw – “Heroes” ~Rating: 10/10~
Serving Avicii’s EDM/folk hybrid sound for his long (longgggggg) awaited Melfest comeback is fitting since he abandoned schlager years ago in favor of an (excellent) indie sound. This merges those two sounds together nicely, and the staging is pretty awesome I must say. The staging is easily the years best and his vocals were amazing, but I can’t help but wonder if the song is a bit too good for Eurovision. Only time shall tell.


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