Finland’s Antti Tuisku Steals UMK15 With “Peto On Irti”

So I was casually watching semi-final 3 of Finland’s Eurovision 2015 selection show UMK tonight, and it was pretty lame. The song selection was mixed and I glazed over for nearly the entire show. During the vote counting we got an interval act as always, but this interval act was shockingly spectacular.

Antti Tuisku is a Finnish pop star who has had a pretty damn impressive career spanning over a decade in Finland. I had only heard one song of his prior to this, the dance track “Jää Tai Mee,” so he’s pretty new to me. Watching the iconic life changing performance (CLICK HERE TO WITNESS IT FOR YOURSELVES) I was blown away by how amazing both his dancing and singing were. The staging was extremely energetic and totally fabulous, and the song itself was a banger.

I decided to look into this song titled “Peto On Irti” a little closer. So the music video is kind of a Eurotrashy mess in a great(?) way. At one point he watches two lesbians make out as he deep throats a banana, at another point in the video he’s watching a male stripper with some fag hags while eating cupcakes. I don’t speak Finnish and cannot tell if this song is supposed to be a funny novelty song, or if it’s a seriously club banger. I am going to go with serious club banger though because his body of work is anything but a novelty.

The song has a truly INSANE production; it’s a bit country at times, it’s a bit of an Eastern European funk/house track at other times, it features multiple spoken-word interludes, and there is a section where he flat out yells at the listener before breaking into a rap verse. There is an epic jazzy saxophone breakdown that literally transitions into banjo breakdown at one point. It doesn’t really follow any sort of pop structure or mainstream radio logical patterns either. It’s kind of a mixture of multiple songs and styles blended together into one crazy masterpiece that honestly only some mad genius Nordic artist could come up with.

I really want to check out his other albums – he has a ton of them – but for now this song will be on repeat. Considering there are 10 songs within this one track, do I really need a full album?


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