Conchita Wurst Saves European Pop With “You Are Unstoppable”

Boundary breaking Austrian chanteuse Conchita Wurst has released a fabulous new single just in time for Eurovision 2015 in Vienna. Hot off the heels of her breathtaking victory with “Rise Like The Phoenix,” Conchita is back with another great pop ballad with a positive message.

“You Are Unstoppable” soars like a phoenix from the first chorus, and from the lackluster Eurovision selections so far this year, this will easily be the best song in the contest. Thankfully it isn’t competing because no country would be safe. Conchita is out here healing the sick and saving lost souls like a musical prophet. I cannot wait to see the elegance and refinement Conchita exudes in the music video for this song.

The best news though is that Conchita is done with her debut album and it will be out in May a little after Eurovision ends. Expect the “21” of 2015 to break every record ever made!


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