Erika Jayne Just Saved Pop Music With “Crazy”

I first became acquainted with Erika Jayne after stumbling upon her heartfelt sociopolitical ballad “One Hot Pleasure” at my local gay club one inebriated Friday night, but despite not remembers who I possibly met that evening, I full remember watching her music video while I grinded (not to be confused with Grindr) on the dance floor like I was the employee-of-the-month at a high class brothel. It was hard not to be blown away by a musical prodigy like Erika, and I’ve generally kept an eye on her career ever since. I’ve missed a single or two since then, but each one I do become aware of has slayed.

Newest single “Crazy” is a new direction for her as it’s less of a full blown EDM song about her pussy and more of a sultry neo-disco banger about her pussy. If “One Hot Pleasure” was the type of song to make you flip your hair so fiercely that it gave every hater in a 4 foot radius whiplash, “Crazy” is more the type of bop that might make you want to roll around seductively on your bed while taking each piece of clothing off one-by-one as a room full of people watched. It’s genuinely a great song that would easily become a charting success in the hands of someone like Selena Gomez or Katy Perry, though I am not going to lie, Katy Perry would never fully commit herself to this concept in the way Erika does. Watching 10 seconds of the video really emphasizes this.

The video is so sexual that it could be any rappers video during the height of the urban wave 10 years ago. It’s a nipple flash away from being a full blown soft core porn. Honestly though, with a club song called “Crazy” why wouldn’t you want to see such gratuitous sexuality? Watching the video I couldn’t help but think Erika’s drop dead stunning body is the prototype that Iggy Azealia looked to when picking implants at her local discounted plastic surgeons office. Erika’s body is better than 99% of the pop stars out there right now. She deserves a big hit single if only for that fact honestly.

Anyway, witness the mind blowing talents of Erika Jayne below:


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