Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat 2 – Malmö

1. Linus Svenning – “Forever Starts Today” ~Rating: 7/10~
Not going to lie, as much as I hated on Linus’ 2014 entry “Bröder,” I ended up becoming addicted to the studio version after I got tired of the core set of songs on the Melfest album I connected with more instantly. This new track is uptempo with strong procession and some on trend Celtic influence. It could honestly use a bit more drama but overall it’s a solid pop number. The track feels a bit too similar to 2013 Melfest winner “You” by Robin Stjernberg, but honestly I don’t see myself getting as annoyed by this song as I did with that one.

2. Emelie Irewald – “Där och då med dig” ~Rating: 0/10~
This is quite possibly the most boring torch song I’ve ever heard. At one point I literally burst out laughing because I was so stunned at how slow and boring it was. It was practically a parody. It sounds like the type of song that would have been all the rage at Eurovision in the 1990’s before televoting became a thing.

3. Samir & Viktor – “Groupie” ~Rating: 6/10~
I was really looking forward to this one because their debut single “Success” was a first rate summer smash, but this is a bit of a let down by comparison. It’s not as big or catchy as “Success” and feel more Sean Banan-lite than the tongue-in-cheek clubby number we expected and deserved. It’s okay though. After listening to the studio version I found the song to have a slight country western infused production? Really odd choices went into this song, but I can see myself playing this at the gym just fine. The live performance was a total train wreck and needs some serious polishing. (Side note: how hot is the guy who wrote the song though?! DAYUM BOY!)

4. Neverstore – “If I Was God For One Day” ~Rating: 0/10~
Hate it, kill it, squash it, ect. Scandinavian rock music remains stuck 3 decades behind music trends.

5. Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen – “Nonetheless” ~Rating: 3/10~
Not my cup of tea, and not much opinion on it. This is definitely not a track for the Eurofans. More for older Swedish viewership.

6. Magnus Carlsson – “Möt mig i Gamla stan” ~Rating: 8/10~
I was all about this number. It’s classic disco schlager. Sure, not on Alcazar’s level, but it’s my favorite song from this heat, even if it’s not technically the best or most original song of the week. Sooo glad this made the final over that dated rock number.

7. Mariette – “Don’t Stop Believing” ~Rating: 9/10~
This song packs solid vocals and A LOT of drama. It sort of reminds me of Margaret Berger’s 2013 Eurovision entry “I Will Feed You My Love.” I was low key afraid it would be a bit too dark and edgy for the Swedish public, but luckily the audience totally connected with it and it’s in the final. I could honestly see this song becoming 2015’s big sensation in Sweden. The lyrics are just cliche enough to be relatable to pretty much anyone – a Eurovision tradition – and the production is haunting and leaves a strong impact on the listener, especially when viewed live.


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