Cheryl Cole Serves Disney Princess Realness in Pointless “Only Human” Music Video

Cheryl ‘2 singles an album’ Cole has finally broken her streak of ending all promotional activities 15 seconds after her album hits UK iTunes by releasing a new music video for future flop third single “Only Human” off the album of the same title.

If there was ever a time to give up on a project it was this one. Her album sold Jessie J numbers it’s opening week and quality-wise it was audible garbage. Two no1 singles back to back was pretty impressive though. Guess the last-nameless chanteuse wants to add another no1 to her belt before Rita Snora tricks the buying public into spending money on whatever new shit single she eventually releases, but that seems highly unlikely since everyone has already bought “Only Human” due to it being released prior to the album. I suppose she can always write this one off as a ‘gift to fans.’ Selfless queen.

Anyway, the song is a tacky auto tuned mess, but the video is lovely in a cheap way. Cheryl is looking like if Belle from Beauty & The Beast dressed up like Pocahontas for Halloween and stood in front of a green screen projecting National Geographic images in the background. It’s sort of like her video for “The Flood” except outdoors(ish) and dressed up as Pocahontas instead of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It’s a cheap video but at least it isn’t a mess. Too bad it doesn’t serve the Animorphs-meets-Lara Croft: Tomb Raider teas that her album cover gave off. That is a video I would love to watch.

The video is only viewable in the UK, so for those living outside the UK who wish to watch it click here.


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