Jolin Tsai & Namie Amuro’s Gorgeous “I’m Not Yours” Music Video Detroys Meninists Everywhere

Taiwanese high priestess of pop Jolin Tsai and Japan’s empress of the fine arts Namie Amuro have finally released their long awaited music video for epic feminist masterpiece “I’m Not Yours,” and it is every bit as iconic and wig snatching as you could imagine.

We already know the song is a smash, with it’s feminist message and thumbing eurodance beat. Jolin’s music has always been good, and Namie is the queen of quality material, so everyone knew this track would destroy careers. Both queens have similar vocal ranges and compliment each other perfectly. A match made in pop heaven, honestly.

After seeing the production photos for the video I knew it would also slay, but I didn’t realize how much it would until I watched the full thing in glorious 1080p. I half expected the video to be rushed, with the girls in a couple costumes looking hot. Honestly, I would not even complain if that was all it was. I mean Jolin and Namie on the same track, who am I to nitpick? I am but a mere peasant who should feel so lucky as to even be allowed to view the production photos, let alone the video itself.

The final product is nothing short of breath taking, though. Visually speaking, the video flawless. Everything from the concept, to the costumes and hair styles, to the lighting choices and Hollywood movie level set designs are on point. Visually the video is on par with an Oscar nominated Zhang Yimou kung-fu epic. Not a single frame in this video goes to waste, as there is always something stunning for your eyes to soak up. The video has some of the most stunning glamor shots in recent history.

Oh, and there is also a plot to top it all off that is based on an old folk tale called “The Three Illusions.” The video opens with some Playstation 3 era CGI of an ancient China, setting up our queens as empowered brothel owners letting some trashy looking guys in for some apparent fun. A few iconic dance breaks ensue before we find our girls poisoning these meninist pigs while it is transcribed artistically on the walls behind them. Now if only these two diva’s could do the same to the 600k twitter douches following the mininist account. The video ends with two nine-tail foxes (Jolin representing the white one and Namie representing the black one) atop a gate. It’s all so fabulous. The original folk tale was sort of sexist, but Jolin’s retelling gives it a post-modern feminist twist, showing just how much thought are care she puts into her music videos.

Side note, it’s kind of iconic to see Namie rocking her signature “Queen of Hip-Pop” boots nearly a decade later even when the concept conflicts with such a fashion choice. Namie’s style is as consistent as her album sales.

This is most likely the final video from Jolin’s latest album “Play,” and what a way to end this era. Seriously, this video is already the best video of 2015 and we are only in February. These two queens didn’t even give the competition a chance. I can officially say my life is complete.


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2 Responses to Jolin Tsai & Namie Amuro’s Gorgeous “I’m Not Yours” Music Video Detroys Meninists Everywhere

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I like how the ladies told off those ugly,creepy guys “I’m not yours”. Good for you girls : )

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