Pretty Finnish Popstar Benjamin Shows a Lot of Promise

Finnish pop boy Benjamin debuted last year but I didn’t really check him out as he is from Finland. I know I know, that’s racist or whatever. But seriously I expected him to either be screamo influenced or a One Direction clone. Well he’s neither of those things and I am really pleased.

Benny is basically a super pretty platinum blond bubble gum singing teenager who is showing a lot of promise. He reminds me of a young Danny Saucado and we all know how hard he ended up slaying in both beauty and talent. Benny still has kid features, but you can clearly tell by the time this kid is 22 he will be a drop dead gorgeous hunk. Not that he isn’t already one, but he does look pretty young. Though, in true European fashion he is already pretty grown. I mean, he’s already posting photos like these on his Instagram:

His music so far is pretty solid as well. First single “Underdogs” is a cute teen pop song with a catchy chorus. Follow up single “Unbreakable” is an above average teeny bopper ballad. He still needs that massive pop anthem that takes him out of teen pop and catapults him into the Europop major leagues. That said, I am still all about it and fully support his career. He’s already on track to give Isac Elliot a run for his money when his album finally drops. I am really looking forward to it.

Finland has been turning out the bops over the past few months. I may have to reevaluate my opinion of them. First Benjamin debuts, then Isac Elliot releases the album of the century, and now Finland’s Eurovision pre-selection is the strongest is ever been in the decade that I’ve been into the contest. Tbh, when will Sweden tho?


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