Eurovision 2015: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Song Reviews

Both 2013 and 2014’s Dansk MGP’s blew me away. 2013’s was full of iconic bops and 2014’s was consistently good featuring very few bad songs. This years DMGP has a lot to live up to, so lets jump right in:

1. Andy Roda “Love Is Love” ~ Rating: 6/10
This is a full blown electronica ballad and it’s decent(ish). The idea is a little better than the song itself though. The melody and chorus are really lacking. Comes across like a rough demo with promise.

2. Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase” ~ Rating: 5/10
A low-key number that features little more than a guitar and whistle as it’s beat. Winner? Hope not. It’s cute and catchy fluff though. I could see the Danish people liking this song.

3. Anti-Social Media – “The Way You Are” ~ Rating: 2/10
No, just no. Some sort of 60’s inspired feel good number that makes me hate everyone and everything. Last place please.

4. Babou – “Manjana” ~ Rating: 10/10
This song is a bop. I could see this song becoming a spring break hit outside of Denmark. It’s super catchy and fun. I love it!

5. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A” ~ Rating: ?/10
I honestly don’t even know how to rate this song. It’s weird. I don’t really hate it, but I also don’t really get it. I guess it’s okay?

6. Julie Bjerre – “Tæt på mine drømme” (Close to my dreams) ~ Rating: 5/10
This is a really generic Scandinavian pre-selection entry. The 80’s 808 drums and a pretty melody formula that will be present at every pre-selection for the next century. It’s not bad though. Just average.

7. Marcel & Soulman Group – “Når veje krydses” (When paths cross) ~ Rating: 0/10
I hate this song. This is some sort of “Uptown Funk” wannabe nonsense. If this wins the contest I will just…………Bye.

8. Sara Sukurani – “Love Me Love Me” ~ Rating: 8/10
Okay, this song slays. Heavily middle eastern influenced dance/pop number that sounds like it it could have been a solid Azerbaijan or Greek entry 4 years ago. Out of date? Sure. Fantastic? Definitely.

9. Tina & René – “Mi Amore” ~ Rating: 9/10
Yet another fantastic but totally out-of-date song. This is a re-write of Denmark’s 2010 entry “In A Moment Like This,” which was basically a re-write of an ABBA song. So stereotypical and so generic, but sooooo good. I am in love. On second though, maybe it’s not out-of-date at all. Maybe it’s timeless. Yeah, lets go with that.

10. World of Girls – “Summer Without You” ~ Rating: 9/10
LOVE THIS. This should honestly win. It’s not out-of-date but still very Scandinavian. It sounds like a really good G.R.L. song mixed with some Avicii folk/EDM style production, but poppier. It is just so much fun to listen to. It should at the very least chart on the Danish singles chart. #JusticeForWorldOfGirls

Overall, I may not like every song like I did for the past 2 years, but they songs I do like are freaking amazing. This years DMGP is mixed but has higher highs than last years solid contest. I am pleased.


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