Let’s Discuss Nine Muses “Drama” Comeback

So, truth be told I am a bit conflicted on this one. Before I go into why, let me quickly give you all some TL;DR context:

Back in the day, Nine Muses debuted to heavy scrutiny even though I was an instant hardcore stan. “No Playboy” remains one of my most played songs ever. Their live performances were pretty bad though and everyone hated them because they were a group of super models who decided to try and sing (whats wrong with that?). Fast forward a year after a lineup change and supposedly grueling amounts of training, and the girls came back with a fresh (at the time) Italo Disco sound and instantly became everyone’s favorite underdogs. The group added new members, lost members, but still remain really popular the crowd who roots for the under appreciated flops. The built some decent momentum though and started middle charting.

I’ve always rooted for these girls because they’re 1) tall and skinny supermodels, and 2) because they have a very solid discography. Their music videos tend to be cheap shit, but supposedly it’s about the music, or something.

After yet another lineup change they’re back again (with only 8 members) and a new mini album called “Drama.” The album is pretty solid, and the title track is good. So why am I so conflicted?

Well, the song wasn’t produced by Sweettune for the first time since their debut, and I am honestly glad. Sweettune peaked years ago and his Italo Disco sound has grown kind of worn out, at least in the K-pop world. The girls needed a new fresh sound. The issue is that it’s not a fresh sound at all. The song sounds like a Sweettune production. It’s not bad, but it’s not fresh and doesn’t even improve upon the groups signature sound like Kara’s “Mamma Mia” did after they dropped Sweettune. The production of the song itself is also kind of a mess. It severely lacks an intro and outro and feels really disjointed overall. The abrupt beginning and end is something that would be okay at Eurovision as those songs need to be less than 3 minutes long, but there is no reason why the producer couldn’t add another 30 seconds to the track to give it a completed feel. To be fair, this is one of Jeong Chang-Wook’s first real title tracks. He has done very little prior to this, and overall did a pretty decent job, but it is clear he needs a little refining before becoming a big player in K-pop.

The video on the other hand is gorgeous and is their first really ‘good’ video. It’s stunning and sleek and doesn’t stink of their usual low-budget bad editing. I’m sort of peeved there are two girls in this line up who aren’t tall. Nine Muses is a group of really tall extremely fit super models, and the shorter girls sort of ruin the group visual, but whatever. I’m overall pleased, but hopefully next time I will be blown away.


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