Here is a Bizarre Collab Between Momoiro Clover Z & KISS

Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z has released a collab single with Gene Simmons fronted rockers KISS called ‘Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina’. Never in my life did I think this type of pair up would happen. Momoiro Clover Z, who sang the most recent Sailor Moon Crystal theme song, and KISS couldn’t be father apart from each other. But the song actually sounds like a Momoiro Clover Z type song while also sounding like a KISS song, so I guess their styles weren’t that far apart. J-rock sounds like 70s/80s American rock anyhow, so perhaps this pairing is perfect. Anyway, it’s still strange and now has a beautifully wacky video to go with it.


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