Eurovision Watch 2015: Satin Cirus’ “Crossroads” For Finland?

Finland has always been the Scandinavian/Nordic country I overlook because they’re stuck in some detached, dated world where death metal and 80’s synth-rock are still relevant and I don’t have any time for that. They will turn out a bop once in a while, but it’s rarely something I expect from them. Since it’s Eurovision time again, which is the one true hope for most of the non-Swedish European countries music wise, I decided to give all the entries at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2015 (Finnish pre-section) a listen.

Satin Circus is a pop-rock band who basically sound exactly like One Direction except low budget and 2 years behind the curve. Their debut album released last year was a copy&pasting of rejected 1D demos, but it was okay. Their Eurovision hopeful “Crossroads” isn’t much more original than their typical generic outings, but instead of sounding like 1D in 2012, they are doing their best impression of Union J who are in turn doing an impression of Mumford & Sons, which I guess is better? I mean it’s basically a re-write of Union J’s “Tonight (We Live Forever)” in both theme and structure, which isn’t a bad thing as that song low key slayed. It’s super generic but by far their best song to date, as well as kind of charming in a ‘oh, this is from Finland’ kind of way. I can’t pass up a great good decent budget act.

I honestly don’t know what to expect from this years Eurovision Song Contest. Last years was pretty bomb. I guess I will just wait and see what happens, but it would be pretty good for Finland and ESC itself to have this song as part of the contest I suppose. I could see this song doing pretty well for Finland, maybe even scoring them a top 10 or top 15 in the final.

Listen to every song from UMK 2015 here.


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