Hello Venus’ “Wiggle Wiggle” is a Tacky Masterpiece

Ever since Hello Venus left Pledis to become full-time Fantagio artists, they have been an iconic mess. “Sticky Sticky” received a lot of criticism because it was ‘too generic’ – ‘too sexy’ – ‘too [insert negative comment here]’ for nearly every person on the internet. I personally loved it, but I do admit it was really generic. It featured a lavish video and really framed the girls well, turning them from regular pretty girls to the most beautiful girl group in all of Korea. But it flopped and people were mad, so I was ready to attended the double duty HV & Kahi funeral to pay my condolences.

So imagine my surprise when Fantagio decided to rush release another Brave Brother’s produced single that was 50x tackier and sleazier than their last. “Wiggle Wiggle” features an extremely ratchet production; the type one would find on an unsigned artist’s mixtape posted on SoundCloud. Seoyoung’s pre-chorus practically breaks the listeners ear drums with it’s high pitched banshee scream, and the beat – which is unique for the typically sleek Brave Bros – is ghetto-fied mashup of bass and moans. The official studio version is basically a rushed released demo. The video looks as if the girls payed for it by selling 6 glasses of lemonade for .99 cents each on the street corner, and then filmed it themselves with a first generation water damaged iPad in their parents garage. You know it’s a mess when the dance practice video looks more lavish than the actual music video.

But that is what makes “Wiggle Wiggle” so iconic and totally different than anything else in K-pop. Between the trashy choreography, cheap video, tacky wardrobe styled by a pair of scissors and the clearance section of Forever 21, and LQ audio quality of the song, it’s obvious this is a high-concept visual experience meant to take the listener on a journey into the mind of the unsigned artist hawking their mixtape on Hollywood BLVD every weekend by handing out a burned disc featuring their Myspace Music URL on the front. When will the rest of K-pop follow in Hello Venus’ iconic footsteps and bring us something so high-brow?


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