“Deja Vu” Makes Sonamoo the Best Rookie Group in Years

To be perfectly honest I haven’t really seen a rookie group come out of Korea that wow’d me in literal years. Back in the day when Wonder Girls, Sistar, Girl’s Day and After School all debuted and knocked my pants off I would instantly become a mega-stan learning the members names and life stories.  In the past 3 years or so I haven’t really connected with any rookie groups immediately, though. Hello Venus and Wa$$up came close, but neither made me a hardcore fan off 1 single alone in the way Nine Muses did for example. Sonamoo seem to be the first group in nearly 3 years that I am instantly in love with.

Their debut song “Deja Vu” is a quality tune that sounds like K-pop in 2002, and the girls have undeniable talent. Watching their debut music video, which is excellent, it sort of amazed me how easy it should be to turn out an instantly iconic group. All you need is a good song, some pretty girls, and great choreography.

Oh yeah, about that great choreography. It’s GREAT. Girl groups are basically known for two types of dance routines: the super cute girly crap or really really sexual. Technique is a ‘boy groups thing’ generally, but Sonamoo are a wild card as they are pure technique. The dancing is incredible and the girls seem really competent. Don’t get me wrong, I love some slutty choreography, but it’s nice to see a girl group who are genuinely great at dancing. Sure, the entire concept is a female version of B.A.P, but honestly who cares? There is a lot of impressive shit going on here. I really hope they stick with this formula because they can end up becoming my next favorite group.


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