Russia’s Sergey Lazarev Releases Amazing (EUROVISION!?) Single “Breaking Away”

Russia’s Sergey Lazarev – aka one of Flopstar Blog’s all-time favorites – has released a brand new single titled “Breaking Away” and it is truly fantastic. SerGOD’s two previous bi-lingual albums remain two of the best pop releases of all time, and it seems he has not lost much momentum as this latest English language single is a total euro-dance smash.

Sergey is one of the few artists who releases both quality slutastic Euro-trash as well as excellent cheesy balladry. This song sort of blends the two together as it starts off as a ballad but quickly turns into a club banger. It seems the Russian Prime Minister of pop has fired all missiles at the dance charts yet again.

There is some speculation online that the track is the official Russian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 due to it’s length (Eurovision rules state your song needs to be 3:00 in length) and because it was produced by legendary Eurovision producer Dimitris Kontopoulous. If this is in fact Russia’s Eurovision entry than it’s pretty clear that this will be one of the best songs in the contest this year. Moscow 2016 anyone?

Also, I’ve just come to notice SerGOD has released an alternate cut to his iconic “Take It Off” music video. It’s very similar to the original, just different green screen effects and some dance shots in different outfits. For the most part it is the exact same concept (thank serGOD!) but the new effects are kind of cool. But honestly who doesn’t need another reason to become addicted to the best song of the past 2 years!


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2 Responses to Russia’s Sergey Lazarev Releases Amazing (EUROVISION!?) Single “Breaking Away”

  1. This is a really catchy tune! It does sound like it would do well in Eurovision. But then again, anything is better than those unnerving twins last year. X__X

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