Flopstar Blogs Best Songs of 2014! (Part 3, 10-1)

10. Kevin Walker – “Belong”

Okay, so Kevin Walker was a really controversial Swedish Idol winner because he was a football player who couldn’t sing, but this song is iconic it doesn’t matter who sang it. This folky but oh-so-Swedish pop song was the type of track I couldn’t skip when it came on shuffle. I can’t even tell you how many times I sang along to this song at the top of my lungs while driving down the freeway.

9. AOA – “Like A Cat”

I really expected “Miniskirt” to be here on my list in this spot, and while I did love that song I couldn’t help but love this more. It has a much better video and concept, and the song itself is perfection.

8. FEMM – “Fxxk Boyz Get Money”

I really can’t get over this song. It’s a total anthem. From the silly lyrics about chasing money and forgetting boys, to the HIGH-larious video which features the girls twerking in Lolita costumes, this song is the type of track that SHOULD HAVE gone viral.

7. Jolin Tsai – “PLAY”

Perhaps the years best video in terms of overall production value, “PLAY” is a massive trap song featuring the queen of Taiwanese pop rapping like Nicki Minaj. The fierceness is out of control.

6. SunMi – “Full Moon”

“Full Moon” features the years best dance routine, (that drop!), and it won big at the 2014 MAMAs for that fact. This track is by far the sexiest song of 2014. It always puts me in some type of mood whenever I listen to it.

5. Alcazar – “Blame It On The Disco”

Alcazar are truly one of the best pop acts of all time. They’re just as good as ABBA, (sorry!), and “Blame It On The Disco” is pure disco perfection. From the moment they enter the stage via giant flying disco ball, you know history is about to be made.

4. Conchita Wurst – “Rise Like A Phoenix”

For a long time I was sure this would be my number 1 favorite song of the year. I’ve never had a ballad finish any of my lists, but unfortunately it will have to settle for 4th place. Words cannot describe how I felt while watching this live. I was lost for words and totally moved with pure emotion. The crowd watching this was also clearly moved by this intense and well sung James Bond-esque ballad. This will go down in history as my all time favorite Eurovision Song Contest winning song.

3. T-ara – “Sugar Free”

Another song I was so sure would be my number 1 favorite song of the year after being obsessed with Legend-ara’s EDM thumper all fall. T-ara have topped my year end list 3 other times: “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly-Poly” and “Sexy Love”/”Day By Day” all topped my year end lists. So adding “Sugar Free” to that list seemed right, but for some reason I couldn’t do it. I know I will regret it one of these days when I am throwing out receipts: “T-ara had my favorite song of the year 4 different times!” I will wish I could be able to say. Oh well.

2. Oscar Zia – “Ballare Con Me”

To be perfectly honest, this song should be my number 1 favorite song of 2014. I have listened to this song consistently all year long without ever getting sick of it. So why isn’t it number 1? Well, it didn’t have a music video for one. Also, the live performances are god awful. I will simply enjoy this summery Italiano infused Swedish pop gem for the rest of my life as the runner up to my year end list. Not bad, right?

1. Ace Wilder – “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”

Truth be told, I was not sure if I should make this my favorite song of the year. Ace Wilder really dominated my year for sure, but I can’t help feeling like she is a flash in the pan, (at least in terms of my obsession over her). Will I still be listening to her in years to come? Who knows. But this song really dominated my year. Not only was it my most played song of 2014 by HUNDREDS of plays, the video and choreography were also iconic to me. The lyrical content moved me in the only way lyrical content could, and her live performances were revolutionary. I wouldn’t feel right not awarding this massive song the number 1 spot, as it is just so me in every way possible.


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