Flopstar Blogs Best Songs of 2014! (Part 1, 30-21)

30. Adelén – “Olé”

“Olé” was Norways official World Cup anthem for the year and it was probably my favorite of all the songs released for World Cup this year. A big Scandinavian number with some Latin influence, I really loved this song.

29. Ariana Grande – “Problem”

I am not really a big Ariana Grande fan, and I didn’t particularly care for either of her albums much, but this song is pretty amazing. Fantastic production with a chorus you won’t get out of your head.

28. Jolin Tsai – “Medusa”

“Medusa” is a modernized version of Jolin’s past hit “Agent J” so how can I not love it to death upon first listen? Any song that inspires me to become a stripper is iconic.

27. Anton Ewald – “Natural”

Ignoring what may be some of the worst live vocals ever, this song was a huge bop. It’s too bad he flopped on the charts in Sweden because I seriously loved this song.

26. Orange Caramel – “Catallena” / “My Copycat”

Both of Orange Caramel’s single albums were perfect this year. Both had amazing title tracks. Both had amazing b-sides. Both had amazing music videos. Hence the tie!

25. Tiësto & MOTi – “Blow Your Mind”

Not officially released as a single, this track was only debuted live. I am hoping it gets an official release because its perfection.

24. Jennifer Lopez – “Booty”

This Diplo produced song has iconic at first preview. I could not get enough of this noisy number.

23. Kara – “Mamma Mia”

Now that Sweettune won’t work with Kara, (thank god for that), Duble Sidekick was able to give them this DDR-esque song that featured some of their best ever choreography. I am here for the new Kara.

22. Namie Amuro – “Neonlight Lipstick”

One of the years fiercest songs, “Neonlight Lipstick” has the sound Britney was serving on “Blackout.” What isn’t to love?

21. Hyomin – “Nice Body” / JiYeon – “1 Min 1 Sec”

Both T-ara members released awesome songs this year. Hyomin’s was an ode to superficiality that kept me working out hard at the gym all year long, while JiYeon’s was a seductive but tender track about going crazy. Both really wow’d me.


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