Far East Mention Mannequins (FEMM) Are 2014’s Freshest New Act

About 6 months ago I came across this new Japan based duo Far East Mention Mannequins (FEMM for short) and breezed through their music videos on YouTube, but wasn’t really feeling them. I quickly wrote them off as your typical avant garde-style pop act with a pretentious concept (they are mannequins who have come to destroy the world!) and overly bizarre visuals aimed at gaining some sort of shock value viewership. Fast forward to last week when I decided to give their debut album, titled “FEMM-Isation”, another chance along with their music video collection. Boy, what a big change 6 months make in my view of this duo.

“FEMM-Isation” is the years most cohesive pop record, with each song effortlessly blending into the next without any of the tracks sounding the same. Unlike Lady Gaga, who has an extremely pretentious view of her generic dance pop, FEMM don’t seem to be preaching to their audience. Their main goal here seems to bring people interesting pop music paired with strong visual elements to ultimately make the viewer entertained, and that’s it. They are seriously awesome, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. Each track on the album is fantastic, with not a single song coming across as filler. Even the lone ballad “Unbreakable” is gorgeous. “We Flood The Night” and “Kiss The Rain” are both beautiful electro-pop songs, while “Girls Night Out,” “Kill The DJ” and “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” are extremely campy and fun.

Their visuals are also really amazing. The music video for “Whiplash” features one of the most intricate and stunning dance routines I have seen all year. No detail was overlooked in this video: awesome costumes? Check. Amazing set? Yup. Breathtaking choreography? It’s there. Amazing song? Yessir. Interesting camera work? Mmhmm. It is all there. Looking through their videography a second time (and a third, forth ect) was a pure joy. I hope this duo takes off in Japan so we can get more visually stunning videos and catchy songs from FEMM. Pop definitely would be a better place with more acts like this.

Let’s all get into the real ARTPOP-stars worth our time:


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