Wa$$up’s “Showtime” Might Be The Best EP of 2014

As I’ve already stated both here and here, hated girl group Wa$$up were my favorite rookies of 2013. They are even better than any rookies to debut in 2014. While most of Korea hates them because their twerking concept is too trashy and provocative, I’ve always idolized their bold flavor and strong polarity. Sure, they came across as mostly a gimmick act, and that twerking Christmas EP was really stupid, but I haven’t disliked a single song they’ve released so far. Nothing they have released has seemed to chart, so I figured they were DOA, but luckily they’ve made an extremely strong comeback with new mini album “Showtime.”

The greatest thing about this album is that every track on it could have been the lead single. Title song “Showtime” is an epic urban pop song with an Egyptian style flute adding a lot to the track. It’s basically f(x)’s “M.I.L.K.” Except wayyyy better. Lead single “Shut U” is an aggressive trap influenced song, and “Sweet Liar” is a steamy DJ Mustard style mid-tempo track that Tinashe would kill for.

Mini albums with absolutely no filler are almost impossible to come by nowadays. It’s sad that none of the tracks will get a music video, because they all could use one.  Oh well, the “Shut U” comeback stage will have to do!


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