Album Review: Cheryl Cole’s “Only Human” is a Disappointment

I have always been a fighter in the name of Cheryl Cole. She has an endless amount of haters who criticize her for her lack luster material and thin vocals. Her music has always been consistently good in my opinion, with classics like “Ghetto Baby” and “Call My Name” rounding out her successful and weighty solo discography. So obviously I was ready for her newest album to slay my soul. I have to say I have extremely disappointed with the album overall, though.

While the first two singles both went number 1 in the UK, both “Crazy Stupid Love” and “I Don’t Care” stink of second rate demo material. CSL is no Ariana’s “Problem,” and IDC sounds like something Katy Perry laughed at before passing on. Those two awful tracks really set the tone of the album, with a bulk of it sounding like rough unfinished demos that nobody could afford to master.

Aside from the underwhelming demos and the endless supply of boring ballads, there are a few decent tracks. “All In One Night” is mildly steamy and “Stars” is an okay attempt at a P!nk knock off. “Firecracker” is catchy and fun without ever actually sounding like single material and “Throwback” is lifelessly playful.

That seems to be where the biggest problems dwell with this album, there are no really big popstar moments to be found here. In an era of single artists, we are usually left with bipolar albums that feature a few really high points and some low points. “Only Human” ranges from low to medium, never really hitting a notable stride along the way. Cheryl obviously wanted to come across as more mature this time around, but it takes more than just banning all EDM tracks about the club to prove real artistic growth. There is nothing here for the club or for the gym, which is okay, but there is also nothing here to cry your eyes out to or empower you to brush off an ex. It’s those moments that really help an album make an impact with listeners, especially in the synthetic genre that is pop music.

At first I decided I didn’t want to write this review. Cheryl has so many haters out there that I didn’t want to add to the negativity. But I have spent a lot of money and time on this woman’s career, and still will, so I felt the need to be honest about my disappointment. This will not be the album that silences any of the haters, and with it’s poor sales performance on the UK charts hopefully Cheryl wakes up and realizes there need to be some serious changes made.


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