Sweden’s Ace Wilder Releases “Riot”

Ace Wilder was the subject of a good amount of my posts this year. Her massive triple platinum smash “Busy Doin’ Nothing” was one of 2014’s most defining moments, and I’ve pretty much loved every song she has released prior to it. Over a half of a year since she last dropped a single, she is finally back with another smash.

“Riot” isn’t on the same level as “Busy Doin’ Nothing,” but it’s still pretty good. It’s more so on the level of her debut single “Do It” with it’s fun and rebellious tone. There are some fun horns and it’s pretty high energy. It’s also nice to see that Ace is one of the very few Swedish pop artists who releases music videos consistently. Sure, her videos are on the same level as K-pop videos, but the fact that she puts effort into making one for each single release is very impressive for a Swede. Hopefully she has an album coming out soon.


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