Hello Venus Finally Return With “Sticky Sticky”

As everyone who has ever met me knows, I love Brave Brothers generic productions. I loved his trashy euro-dance era, I loved his trashy disco-pop era, and I am loving his current trashy mid-tempo jazz inspired pop era. Pretty much no matter what he produces I enjoy it. Most producers range from a scale of bad to good, but BB’s scale ranges from AMAZING OMG to generic. Trash isn’t something he is capable of, so I am always excited when I see his name on a news article stating he’s giving some d-list girl band some left over demo off his shelf. Hello Venus is the latest nobody to get themselves a generic Brave Brothers track. “Sticky Sticky” is a departure for the once super cutesy group. It’s more mature and sexed up.

That isn’t to say the song is a total iconic classic. It definitely stinks of BB’s typical cookie cutter format. It’s catchy though, and the constant moaning in the track is the biggest draw for me. The girls basically sound like they are having an orgasm the entire track. The accompanying video is some sort of kinky POV sexual harassment piece, with some guy touching the girls to the point that they all gang up on the guy. It doesn’t help that the choreography is as recycled as the song itself.

Even though this entire comeback stinks of cheap and generic, I am still into this like you wouldn’t believe. I have had it on repeat since it came out along with b-side “Whiskey.” Hopefully they stick with this sexier sound.

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