AOA’s “Like A Cat” Changed My Life

As I said in my previous review for Hello Venus’ “Sticky Sticky”, I love Brave Brothers no matter how generic he gets. Even when he phones in a track it usually slays me. AOA have been sticking with him all year as he has basically taken them from z-level nobodies to the nations new girl band and even given them success in Japan. Ever since AOA have stopped being a talented group of girls who play their own instruments and started selling their bodies for hits, they have really taken off and become super successful. To be honest, the whole band thing wasn’t my thing and I am totally here for slutty sellout AOA. Plus, Brave Brothers have given them songs that are generically better than the music they released during their band era. The iconic “Miniskirt” and the decent “Short Hair” both were above average.

Newest comeback track “Like A Cat” is a pretty iconic slut anthem featuring some amazingly hot choreography and fierce costumes. The song is pretty standard BB stuff: mid-tempo and jazzy with a lot of moaning. The video for the song is truly iconic though. The girls dress up as sexy cat burglars who work together to steal a diamond from a bank vault. They spend the video knocking themselves out with sleeping gas, playing product placed phone games, whipping security guards, scaling buildings, sexily escaping laser beams, and making sure the coast is clear so that they can disrobe in slow motion. It’s the type of ludicrous plot line that can only happen in a pop video. When this exact plot was featured in Halle Berry’s Catwoman, the world wrote it off as trash. But cheesy nonsense can go down in a pop video because the world around them does not need to be as linear or grounded as movie or TV show would. With yet another smash in the bag and a video full of fabulousness, AOA may be one of my favorite groups this year.


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