Jolin Tsai’s “Play” Video is One of 2014’s Best

Taiwanese mega star Jolin Tsai is a genuine pop legend. After millions of albums sold over a 15+ year long career, Jolin is still the biggest pop star in Taiwan and one of Asia’s biggest pop stars, both commercially and artistically. While most long reigning pop stars eventually settle into safety nets to stabilize their career after they peak, Jolin keeps growing; each comeback being stronger than the last. A long time fan of legend J, I can say she has never been better than she has in recent years. Her last album “Muse” was a pop masterpiece and her video for “The Great Artist” is still one of the best music videos I have ever seen in my entire life.

New comeback single “Play” had a lot of live up to considering her pedigree, but it really lives up to her standard. It’s a massive thumper in scope, with multiple breakdowns that are all unique (no repetitive beats here!), and fierce rap/singing lyrics that would leave any listener bald after I spin of the song.

The pricey music video accompanying the song is also a step above the rest. Fantastic CGI and an extremely fun concept make this easily one of the years best music videos visually. The concept behind the video is built around playing a SIMS like game where a play tries to complete gratuitous tasks based on the personality of the Jolin they have chosen to play as. One is obessed with luxurity and money, another is a hipster obsessed with out-cooling the competiton, and another is an attention seeking celebrity who will do anything to steal the media spotlight. Like so many Jolin videos within the time she has been with Warner Music Taiwan, this video sets itself apart from the pack with it’s attention to small details, such as the presence of the game’s leveling up function as she preforms her over the top tasks and her many characters overall development. While this video may not out do “The Great Artist” video artistically, it’s league above most pop videos released in 2014. “Play” will be album of the year!

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