DGNA Make Iconic Comeback With “Rilla Go!”

DGNA/D-NA/The Boss or whatever name they are deciding to go by have been around for literal years, but I hadn’t heard of them until stumbling upon their latest single release “Rilla Go!” a couple days ago. I took to Wikipedia and was completely shocked that these boys have a pretty meaty discography. I haven’t gone through it yet, so for the sake of this review I am going to pretend it’s all flawless and iconic, as delusional as that may sound.

Anyhow, “Rilla Go!” is a bit out of date and extremely cheap, but what I really liked about it, besides the catchy hook, was that the concept for the song reminded me of iconic flop British boyband PHIXX from years ago. PHIXX had one of my all time favorite boyband concepts: a sort of gay porn star-meets-Tarzan concept that was always paired with a cheap and sleazy dance pop number. It was really amazing to me, especially since it’s the type of trashiness that never really plays out well with the general public. We all know I love pop when it is at it’s most self aware and low-brow, and this is exactly that. It’s a PHIXX-meets-“Yayaya” by T-ara concept minus any sort of budget, so how can I not stan? “Yayaya” has always been one of my favorite concepts ever, (my inspiration for Halloween costume one year!)

I am definitely going to check out their past work. I really hope it’s good, but I’ve always struggled consistently stanning for male K-pop acts in the way I stan for female acts. This track is definitely on repeat for the time being, though.


T-ara’s “YAYAYA”:


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