Australian Pop Princess Ricki-Lee Quietly Releases Stunning Album “Dance In The Rain”

Ricki-Lee does not get the love or credit she deserves. She has had an amazing career in Australia, both as part of the strange disco themed cover band The Young Divas and as a solo artist. Her single’s discography is strong and feature many amazing pop masterpieces such as “Can’t Touch It”, “Do It Like That”, “Hell No” and “Crazy.” Last year’s “Come & Get In Trouble With Me” was pure dance pop amazingness and the video was fantastic. Sadly her sales this era have been on a steep decline, mainly due to the fact that her singles haven’t been very good lately. After a few bust singles I honestly was not expecting much from new album “Dance In The Rain”, but I ended up being massively surprised by it.

The singles for this album were all on the fluffy and forgettable side, but the album is full of thumping dance tracks such as EDM ballad “Only You” and insane house track “Until We Drop.” The Beyonce-lite “Giddyup” is fun, and the RIhanna-esque “Criminal” sounds like it could be song of the summer with it’s chill vibe. Some of the ballads are pretty good as well, such as “Night Vision” and title track “Dance In The Rain.” I’m really glad this album came out, because overall it’s great.

There are a few forgettable ballads toward the end of the album, and like I said before the singles aren’t very good, but there is definitely a lot on here worth checking out. Ricki’s voice is just as full and glorious as it has ever been, and with the right material she really shines.


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