Lee Hwan Hee’s “Action” Makes Her My New Favorite Nobody

Just the other day I was having a conversation with a mate about how all my favorite K-idol’s were either already gone or currently heading toward their end. Wonder Girls are over, SNSD are having member’s leaving, T-ara are together but flopping and After School never releases anything new anymore because their company is broke. Hyori, Son Dam Bi  and BoA are all over 22, therefore they’re now too old to release music anymore. It was kind of depressing me, as it was starting to sink in that I had little to fanboy for in terms of hallyu wave K-idols. Sistar is still slaying, but their music has been declining in quality for a long time, and artists like A Pink, IU and Ailee honestly do very little for me. I was in dire need of a rookie who I could irrationally stan for, but knew it would take time.

Well that Herculean task took about a day as new-ish flop legend Lee Hwan Hee (née Fawney) has released her awesomely cheap single album “Action.” Title track “Action” is the type of cheap and timeless dance pop that could slay me regardless of who the artists behind it is or when the song was released. If a Russian poptart released this in 2008 or a Disney Channel star released this last week it would translate about the same to me. The video for the song is painfully cheap, so there is a lot for me to be interested in. The video reminds me of the d-list treatment Shim Mina gets when she releases new singles. Our girl Lee Hwan is shown partying in her local small town gay bar dressed in 2012 era Forever 21 that she most likely found at a garage sale. It has been a really long time since I stumbled across an iconic flop such as Lee Hwan.

The single album is also pretty good. Mid-tempo ballad “Tonight” is honestly gorgeous, and the corny “Monroe’s Heel” which was actually released last year is decent fluff. I hope her company allows her to release more music in the future, even though it’s really unlikely she will chart at all with this release. She at least has 1 fan out there already!


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